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CoreSolutions Monitoring

CoreSolutions Monitoring is available for the whole household or business. Our monitoring software will do a deep scan of your device and send you a report. Find threats that others miss. CoreSolutions monitoring gives you peace of mind by wrapping your devices in innovative protection technology.


What does our software monitor?

System Performance

Keeping a computer operating and running at its peak. We will alert you if any issues are impacting your computer. CoreSolutions will alert you about issues such as kernel panics, failed laptop batteries, faulty RAM, unscheduled reboots, and failed power-on self-tests.


Network performance can be caused by poor quality cable,  internet service, or failing network hardware. We will support and narrow it down by alerting you when a network error occurs.

Backup System

CoreSolutions Monitoring will alert you if we see backups are not being performed as expected. It is a only matter of time until a hard drive fails. This is why it’s important to verify backups are completed successfully without any issues.

Malware & Antivirus

CoreSolutions Monitoring helps providing additional layers of malware inspections. Not all malware software can find all threats. CoreSolutions will also install Malwarebytes antivirus service to provide malware identification and removal solutions.


We check the health of your computers, our software will automatically gather expiration dates from Backblaze, and more We will receive notifications of impending expirations before it’s too late.

Hard Drive

Hard drives experience wear and tear over time. CoreSolutions Monitoring will provide alerts when your hard drive’s space is full. We will also alert you to any disk input or output, SMART errors, boot disk selection changes, and false mounts. CoreSolutions Monitoring can alert you about real or potential threats for corrupt data or system loss.

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Our monitoring software will do a deep scan of your device and send you a report. Find threats that others miss. CoreSolutions monitoring gives you peace of mind by wrapping your devices in innovative protection technology. 


Frequently Asked Questions



CoreSolutions Monitoring does not collect any personal data from end-users. 

CoreSolutions Monitoring does not share any information with anyone.


What are the benefits of CoreSolutions Monitoring?

CoreSolutions Monitoring is intended to be an efficient way to give you peace of mind that your computer hardware and the software will stay up to date on technology for your business.


How are payments handled?

Payment processing is done on the day you signed up. You can cancel anytime. Any cancellation after the date you have signed up are process are not refunded but you will still have CoreSolutions Monitoring for the remainder of the month.


Does CoreSolutions Monitoring track information?

CoreSolutions Monitoring is intended for be an efficient way to give you.

CoreSolutions Monitoring software does not track screen or keyboard activity.

CoreSolutions Monitoring software does not read inside user data.

CoreSolutions Monitoring software does not send logs; instead, it sends test results.