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Systems Engineer

CoreSolutions was founded in 2019 by John Le, an alumni Apple employee, to support local businesses and individuals. John has worked with Apple products since 2008 and holds a passion for helping others integrate Apple technology into their lives.

John joined Apple in 2017 as an AppleCare Advisor where he assisted customers with IT technical support and solutions. While at Apple, his metrics showed high-resolution rates for customer issues with both iOS and the Mac. John attended California State University Sacramento, acquiring his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Management Information Systems) and Communication Studies. While at CSU Sacramento, John assisted many of his college professors with their computers by offering troubleshooting and consultation. John left Apple in 2018 to complete his studies at California State University Sacramento receiving his bachelor’s degree at California State University Sacramento.

John is now an Apple Consultant with 10 years+ of experience in Apple technology, service provider, and support. 


About us


Creativity Specialist

Lien is a passionate graphic designer with knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Office365, and photography.

Lien has worked with an extensive number of clients and businesses to develop and design business flyers, cards, invitations, social media graphics, banners. Lien collaborated with clients and sales to develop successful ads to effectively market their products and services. Lien also has experienced in creating content and graphic material for client’s websites. Accustom to performing in a deadline-driven environment. Lien assisted a client with a redesign and develop new ideas for projects.

Lien attended California State University Sacramento, acquiring her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (General Management). While at CSU Sacramento she completed her studies with a BA, Communication studies. 

Lien is now an Apple Consultant to support the creativity of Apple products such as Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Adobe products