Utilize the cutting-edge technology of Google Workspace to streamline your business operations, enabling your team to collaborate seamlessly in real time with cloud-based tools. CoreSolutions is your trusted partner for implementing Google Workspace within your organization.

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Transition to Google Workspace

Google Workspace transforms your business processes, offering unmatched reliability and cost savings. With Google Workspace, you can work from anywhere using any internet-enabled device. As a fully cloud-based solution, it provides a scalable growth platform, ensuring a consistent work experience across all devices and simplifying remote collaboration.

Choosing to move to Google Workspace is a significant step towards enhancing your organization’s communication and collaboration. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, from the initial setup to ongoing support. If you have concerns about data security, please reach out to us for detailed information and guidance.

Migration to Google Workspace

Let us eliminate any confusion during your transition to Google Workspace. We provide comprehensive support throughout the migration process, including setting up Google Workspace, migrating email and web hosting information, transferring data to Google Drive, enhancing security settings, conducting training on Google Workspace, and providing ongoing maintenance and support. Count on us to assist you at every step.


Gmail for Google Workspace offers a professional, ad-free email experience with your custom domain (@yourcompany.com). It features advanced security, up to 5TB of storage per user, and seamless integration with Google Workspace apps like Google Calendar and Google Meet, enhancing collaboration and productivity across your team.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows teams to create and share multiple calendars. You can set permissions for different levels of access and integrate it seamlessly with tools like Zoom for scheduling and joining meetings directly from calendar events.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool included with Google Workspace. It allows HD video meetings, screen sharing, and integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar for scheduling, eliminating the need for separate payments to Zoom.

Google Chat

Google Chat is a messaging platform in Google Workspace for internal communication. It supports direct messaging, group chats, integrates with other Google apps, keeps chat history searchable, and ensures secure communication.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to access all your documents from any device, anywhere with internet access.

It seamlessly syncs files between your devices and the cloud. Even if you don’t have the right software installed, you can view and edit over 40 popular file formats, including videos, images, Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs.


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Getting Started

To get started, simply contact us to onboard as your IT Partner. If you don’t have a domain, we can host it for you. After gathering information about your business, we’ll implement Google Workspace. We’ll also discuss backup solutions to ensure comprehensive data protection.

Working with CoreSolutions

Consult with us before attempting to set this up on your own.
Our team listens to understand your business needs thoroughly.
We’ll handle the implementation and setup of your Google Workspace, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
Moving forward we’ll be your Google Experts.

Google Workspace Support

If you’re already using Google Workspace, consider partnering with CoreSolutions for enhanced efficiency and security.

Our team of Google Workspace-certified ensures seamless collaboration solutions for your business.

Personalized service from a small business that understands your needs.

New Business for Google Workspace

If you’re a new business needing a domain and want to start with Google Workspace, our team is here to set everything up for you.