Automate processes and eliminate repetitive work

CoreSolutions specializes in streamlining operational workflows and integrating systems to help businesses of all sizes achieve greater efficiency through automation. Our expertise lies in cloud automation, integration platforms, and leveraging technology to swiftly and precisely automate processes. Our mission is to address your business challenges with optimal automated solutions.


Discover the problem

The first step is understanding the problem at hand. We invest time into understanding your challenges and where we have opportunities to create the most impact.


Automate and Integrate

We then move into designing and then communicating our proposed solution and budget to you. It’s important we’re on the same page before we kick things off.


Execute and adapt

Finally, execution. While preparation is foundational – adapting quickly and making quality changes are just as important to the lasting impact of our output.


Reduce the repetitive tasks so that you can focus on your job.

We support over 100 apps

Custom Integration

Save 40+ hours a month



Our packages are straight forward. Pick the one best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is automation?

Automation: Automation refers to making something happen automatically. With automation, humans use technology to complete repetitive tasks by setting up the technology to follow patterns or rules. For example, clients can use automation to automatically send a confirmation email whenever an appointment is booked. Automatically in this case means that clients will receive your email without you having to manually send the email to them.

Is business automation expensive?

No, it is not expensive. There is a large offering of ‘no-code’ tools that allow building integrations fast and without a developer. At CoreSolutions, we always do a basic cost vs benefits analysis before selling a customer on automation or integration. 

What happens after 7-day trial?

After the 7-day trial, we’ll require a card on file to charge automatically to upkeep your automation. If at any point you want out, no worries, you can just cancel your account right from your profile page. 

Do automation fail?

No, they will run smoothly. However, if you change login credentials or deauthorize our connections through any apps that we are using, it may break the automation. If this happens we will let you know via email.


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