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Law firms to operate more efficiently in the cloud.

A more efficient legal practice stats here. Our cloud solutions for your firm.

CoreSolutions works with small to a medium size law firms to migrating to the cloud for more efficiency, growth, cost savings, and more. Our partnership with Clio, Google, and RingCentral is to support your firm to the cloud.

Apple IT Service

Clio at work

Clio is a cloud based software for legal practice to tracking progress and securing their firm. Manage cases, organize contacts, and automate documents. In addition, generating bills and run reports. Contact us to transition your firm to using Clio.

Google at work

Google Workspace for firm integrate and sync Google Apps: Google Contacts, Calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail seamlessly on your Mac, iPad and iPhone. Collaboration in Google with Clio is the key to success.

RingCentral at work

Get your team on RingCentral and collaborate and communicate to strengthen your attorney-client relationship. Streamline operation with a modern VoIP business phone for your firm. Contact us to integrate RingCentral and Clio.


Clio is a scalable cloud service to meet the needs of any law firm size

We are here to help with everything you need to run your business.


Secure and reliable

Integrates with apps

Manage job efficiently


Solo Lawyers

Let Clio do what’s best for your business  put your clients first. Let us take care of your IT.

Small Firm

Clio and Apple products will be the core to your firm. We’ll help you deploy Clio and onboard clients more efficiently with your firm.

Mid-size and large firms

Move your firm to the cloud. Clio has features to third party integration and mobility access for your firm. We’ll help you develop and automate your workflow.


Clio Developer API

  • With Clio API, we can help build your apps to communicate with your existing system.
  • Automate your tasks and accelerate your firm.
  • Automate Clients folders in Google Drive
  • Onboarding clients
  • Custom developments at your request
Apple IT Service

Get the reassurance you need to use Clio for your firm with our expert resources

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