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Certified Apple Support

Certified Apple Support

CoreSolutions integrates and manages Apple Technology, even within Windows, Google, cloud computing, or network storage system for your business or home office.

We Create Fully Connected Systems so you can focus on your business.

As a certified member of the Apple Consultants Network, CoreSolutions provides on-site and remote support services.

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Apple iOS for business

Apple’s iPhone and iPad for business 

At CoreSolutions, we use Apple products to support you guys. That mean’s we know our Apple products. We utilized iOS to implement third party applications for your business. Learn more about how Apple can power your business by utilizing iPhones and iPads.

Create personalized experiences with shared iPad

Sign in to any device.

Shared iPad allows multiple users to share devices without sharing information. When employees sign in with a company-provided Managed Apple ID, the iPad can load their data to become a Temporary Session. Employees can pick up any available iPad and sign in.

Point of Sale for Restaurants and Retailer

CoreSolutions provides installation and setup of point-of-sale (POS) systems operating on the iPad, ensuring your business can operate at its full potential. POS software can integrate with servers, software, and multiple devices so you can focus on your customers instead of being tied to a cash register.

Coming soon contact us for more details

Lock, locate, and wipe

When a device goes missing, your business data does not have to go with it. For iOS, iPad, and macOS devices, CoreSolutions can remotely lock and erase all sensitive data to protect your company’s information. For supervised iOS and iPadOS devices, CoreSolutions can enable Lost Mode to see the device’s location. CoreSolutions also has the tools to manage apps, which can be instantly removed from a device without erasing personal data.

Apple macOS at business

Apple’s Macintosh for business

CoreSolutions uses Apple’s Macs for business to collaborate and integrating either Microsoft365 and Google Workspace on a Mac. In addition, we even utilize our Mac’s to being our business phones. Learn more on how we utilize our business phones on our Mac. Apple’s computer has the privacy with the newest operating system.

Apple and Google

CoreSolutions uses Google Cloud services to implement Google services to your business Mac’s

Apple Security

CoreSolutions support Apple security by utilizing password management, cloud solution backup, and Managed Apple ID to protect business data.

All in one

Third-Party Support

We support Google and Microsoft support, integration to Apple devices

Microsoft Implementation

We support Microsoft computers, Microsoft365 home, or business products on Windows and Apple operating system.


CoreSolutions supports Microsoft365 to your Windows10 or bootcamp Apple systems. Installations and deployment are supported for both home and business.

Microsoft Support

CoreSolutions provides home and business support for end-users.

We support third-party that uses Windows 10 computers such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, and Acer computers.

Troubleshoot software updates, hardware optimization and monitoring.


Bootcamp, Migration, and Deployment

CoreSolutions provides Bootcamp from Mac to Windows operating system. Data migration and deployments for Microsoft computers.

Google Implementation

We support Google cloud service and integrate Google cloud service Microsoft 365 products to the Apple ecosystem

Google Chrome

CoreSolutions supports Google computers and Google Chrome web browsers.

If your web browser have been hi-jacked we can support to removing the web browse hi-jacked.

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite)

CoreSolutions support for G Suite email migration from legacy services to have Google Host your email service.

G Suite communication solutions such as Google Hangout, Contacts, Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive integrate to your Apple devices.

G Suite is HIPPA compliance.

Google Cloud

CoreSolutions can deploy Google cloud services for easier collaboration through Google cloud for your home and business.

Apple Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Device and computer security is critical for businesses and individuals. CoreSolutions is here to help keep your devices, network, and data safe. We recommend multiple redundant backups for Apple and Window users. 

Apple Security Solutions

Apple Device Managemennt and computer security is critical for businesses and individuals. CoreSolutions is here to help keep your devices, network, and data safe. We recommend multiple redundant backups for Apple and Window users.

Malware, Adware, Spyware Remediation

CoreSolutions Remediation runs a custom hyper scan mode that will not interrupt end-users.

Our intelligent response engine scans extremely fast with an on-demand automated scan to removing infected malware, adware, and viruses including all related subjects, returning the endpoint to its original state of form.

If you believe your computer has been infected, CoreSolutions can remove the malicious and run a diagnostic on your Apple computer. 

Password Management

CoreSolutions will recommend all business and residential clients to use a password management to secure password along with other important data into a password management software.

Network & Connectivity

CoreSolutions provides support for business and residential networks. If you are experiencing network issues or slowdowns, we can provide solutions for upgrading your equipment. Data operation will be stable and faster with improved data flow into and out of your home or business. 

Optimize Network performance

Optimizing a business network performance provides operation to your business to be stable and faster.

Security Network

If there are concerns about data breach on your server we can secure the network to other users to not have any access to specific data.

Access points

Having several access points such as a mesh network or enterprise level can be setup if your business or home requires the extra boost to support your network needs.