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Google Workspace

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Google Cloud

Transform your business with Google Workspace products, your team can collaborate by creating documents, meetings, calendar invites, spreadsheets, and presentations by using Google Workspace applications.

Google Workspace essentials 

Why Google Workspace

With Google Workspace advanced technology being the core for your business, your team can work together on everything with real time collaboration tools in the cloud. CoreSolutions is here to help you implement Google Workspace to your business.


Cloud storage on google drive

Google Drive is the core for Google Workspace. Drive lets the user store and share file in many formats such as Google apps, Microsoft Apps, Adobe Creative Cloud apps, and Apple apps.


Use your company domain name@yourcompany.com for your business email. Google Workspace provides standard 30GB storage plus 24/7 support starting at $6.00/user/month. Gmail is compatible with Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook and other email applications.

advanced cloud solution

Google Workspace can be access anytime to your workspace. Full control on the cloud by sharing data within the organization anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Legacy server to cloud solution

Google Workspace can replace your legacy local server to the cloud. Google has many data center location to protecting your data. Therefore, you can be worried free of your data.



The Google Workspace interface is built for simplicity on the cloud.

Google support

Google Support is operated 24/7 to support your inquiry. Not only their support is 24/7 but also their data center is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

google workspace


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Google Drive

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Google Meet

Google Keep

Google Calendar

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Take Google Workspace further with CoreSolutions

If Google Workspace is your cloud solution, we have a solution to take your collaboration to another level. Explore our partnership to see how we can take Google Workspace to an advanced implementation.

RingCentral Business Phone

RingCentral integrate with Google Workspace calendar to sending out RingCentral Meeting powered by Zoom meeting. Not only RingCentral has meeting but it can be a business phone system for your business.

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