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Comcast Business

Network Solutions to your business and home.

Comcast Business

CoreSolutions supports with small to a medium size law business and individuals to setting up the network, hardware, and speaking to the vendors to making sure you guys the proper package setup for your business or home. Contacting vendors sometimes can be a hassle to setting up Internet or getting the proper hardware. That’s why we partnered up with Business Comcast to help with your needs. 


Comcast at work

Comcast Business is fast and reliable and with the proper bandwidth to connect with your devices. In addition, Comcast Business offers a backup Internet solutions with their plans (additional add-on) to keep your business operating. Connect with us to getting a quote for your business.

Enterprise hardware

Proper router, firewall, and access points. An enterprise-grade firewall will protect your office from intruders and threats on your network Most enterprise firewalls come with advanced threat protection, which can detect and prevent intrusions, and provide content and web search filtering. For access points, not only do we determine which are the best, we determine how many you need.


Have a main and backup internet line. This way if the main Internet Service Provider goes offline, the backup line will kick in. We can help find the right providers for your office and work to negotiate better pricing and terms.