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Empowering nonprofits with our IT services



Empower your nonprofit organization with our solutions.

Nonprofit is inspirational and valuable. We understand that it comes with unique challenges in technology. After working with several nonprofit organizations we recognize the pressure that nonprofit organization feels with their technology. 


RingCentral at work

RingCentral offers a standard discount for nonprofits. With proper documents and approval from RingCentral, the nonprofit organization will get a discount for the organization Business VoIP.

Google at work

With proper documentation and approval from Google, nonprofit and educational organizations are often able to use Google Workspace at no charge. We can assist you in this process, with everything from initial signup and approval to migration of your existing email, contacts, calendar, and documents to the cloud.

HubSpot at work

The CRM platform that will help run your organization. With tools to make every part of your process easier.

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Find out how we can help your organization. Although each nonprofit is different, the benefits of starting one are consistent. 

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